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We work remotely, for clients worldwide. We run projects on-demand or can support your inhouse team, even if you already have designers. And when the project needs it, we work with a group of selected independent and very professional minds to adapt our size and skills.

Working as a small team, let us work closely with our clients to understand them deeply, and achieve their goals developing very specific solutions. Our work process is based on empathy + agile methodology, letting us be both very flexible and efficient along the whole process, to get good work done faster.

what we do

Digital Products

Apps, online tools, company softwares, digital business processes, e-commerces. Going through research, ideation, prototyping, interface design. Even developing. Always taking care of branding guidelines and UX theory to build solutions and the best online realities.


Books, magazines, catalogues, reports… Online and printPutting organisation between texts, graphics and images to let people understand the message easier.  


Identities, Strategy, Brand sites, Landing pages.
From Logos to Collateral Design and Webs. The extension of your brand presence lies in your project goals. We like to help interesting identities tell their stories, always keeping in mind the strong connection between brands and products.

Work Process

We create valuable solutions using a lean methodology:
1. Research - understand, listen to the user, collaboration. Discovery phase is a very serious moment to understand the needs.
2. Prototype - Assemble and test to find improvements and wrong decisions.
3. Build - Develop the final solution to show it to the world.
4. Iterate - Always there is something to improve. To build a digital product is an endless work in progress. The product should grow with the user.

We also work with no-code tools, e-commerce platforms and already made cms solutions to let the client have an independent future.

here we are

Our core team is made of two multi-experienced and international people. Try to guess the names😬

Markos, from Chile, is the creative and curious mind, with a long background on Design, even Industrial Design, and Esther, from Spain, the organisational and goals-focused one, has an engineering background complemented with a deep understanding about good design means. It is amazing her pixel detective eye.

Together we work on every project close to the client. We prefer to show ourselves very transparently and not behind a corporate name. We are Markos and Esther, let's start working.

But it is not all about work. We love very spicy food, especially Tacos. And the salty water of the Sea and the Music, on big words. We are very conscious about sustainability, evein in the digital world. Check our play section to learn more about our complementary personal projects.
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